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Ethno Village Montenegro

First Ethno Village in Montenegro was opened on 20th of May 2006 and carries the name of its’ country- Montenegro ( Crna Gora), which gain independency the very next day (21st Of May 2006).

It is the first ethno village when you go from Podgorica, airport or seaside up to the mountains.

Huge success was achieved both in rewards, such as one obtained from Montenegrin Ministry of Tourism for the most innovative project and award for the best Business Plan, received from UNDP, and in increase number of guests, innovative ideas and events, could not stay unnoticed by media, which is why there was over 3000 newspaper and over 5000 internet articles written about this ethno village (search/google  “ethno village Montenegro”, “Milonja Blagojevic”, “Mico Blagojevic”), we have been guests in over 150 Tv shows on various TV stations etc…

Annul increase in number of guests and in turnover is 35%. One statistic info: from spring until autumn, in approximately 5 months, average number of tourist that crosses border in Scepan Polje, on the road that leads alongside the Ethno Village, is around 2000 per day. If you multiply that with the number of days in the aforementioned period, figure you get is amazing- over 250 000 people crosses the border in that period.

Each year over 10 000 children from various elementary schools from all over Montenegro visit Ethno Village.

We are the pioneers of organic production of food in Montenegro. Furthermore, we have published a lot of books and brochures based on culture and tradition of Montenegro including “Guideline for healing herbs to be found in Piva”, “ Throughout Montenegro- from the field to the fork”, “ The beauties and antiquities of Montenegro”…


For more information follow the link:      Ethno Village Montenegro